A great zombie apocalypse book

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zombie apocalypse book

A great zombie apocalypse book

Review of ‘Charon Docks at Daylight’ by Zoe Reed

This zombie apocalypse book was fantastic! One of the best books I’ve read this year. Just a reminder this book is FREE! (Thank you Zoe Reed) If you are interested here is the link to get the book. This book is huge, but I actually got it read faster than I expected since for some reason my Kindle was saying 1350 pages but it’s actually only 1110.


Anyway, it’s still the longest book I read all year but I wish there was more. I’m going to have a wicked book hangover from this; I was so invested into the characters that I’m sad to let them go. I’m actually surprised Reed kept this book free and didn’t chop it in thirds to make a series. I almost feel bad reading a book this damn good knowing the author isn’t getting any money from it.

This is a zombie apocalypse book. It reminded me a bit of when ‘The Walking Dead’ used to be fun to watch. But I want to make clear this isn’t just a copy. Reed put his twist on the infected, and this book overall was extremely well imagined. There is a ton of action around every corner to keep the pages turning, but as much as I love action, the romance was one of my favorite parts.

This truly is an enemy to lovers’ story. This is a type of lesfic that is not uncommon but this may be the best enemy to lover story I have ever read. Because the book was so long, Reed could really play that fact up. This is a slow burn romance but it makes that enemy to lovers so believable, emotional, and real. And I loved every damn second of it.

I would recommend this to any lesfic fan, it’s free what do you have to lose to try it?! While I believe zombie fans will get a kick out of this, the characters and relationships are so good that I don’t believe you have to love zombies to love this. It is a long read, it took all weekend, but it was so worth it.

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  2. Pingback: Charon Docks at Daylight by Zoe Reed rendered me completely speechless

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