A fast-paced, nail-biting action series in audiobook

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Manhattan Sloane Thriller series by Stacy Lynn Miller

A fast-paced, nail-biting action series in audiobook

Review of the Manhattan Sloane Thriller series by Stacy Lynn Miller, audiobooks narrated by Lori Prince

I’ve had this series on my list to read for a long time so now that the audio narration of books 1 and 2 have been released, I decided to give them a try. I loved them and I can’t wait to read book 3, Beyond the Smoke, which is gonna be out very soon (July 2021).


Out of the Flames is book 1 on the series and this author’s debut novel. I admit that the beginning felt a bit choppy for me as it started with a couple of major events in Manhattan Sloane’s life that were separated from each other in big lapses of time which didn’t flow well for me. But after about 10% of the book, the story picks up and it’s a real page-turner.

Ms. Miller likes to put Manhattan through the wringer who – in her 30s – had enough heartbreak and suffering to last her a lifetime. Even though book 1 brings some resolution to the main investigation and to Manhattan’s personal life, it leaves the reader wanting for more. And more they get with book 2, From the Ashes, which picks up from where the previous book left.

From the Ashes doesn’t repeat the bumps of book 1 and takes the reader straight to the action and doesn’t let go until the end. Luckily, there’s also time for romance and relationship difficulties which balances the fast-paced action perfectly. Manhattan and Finn are dynamite together, both as investigation partners and as a couple. They make the reader cheer for their success on both grounds.

I have to warn that this series has some triggers in terms of graphic violence but it’s all justified and essential to the story. Ms. Miller knows how to keep the reader at the edge of their seats waiting for the other shoe to drop at any moment. That’s what you want in an action/crime book, and the author uses her professional experience in the armed forces to describe realistic scenes and situations.

Book 2 doesn’t finish in a cliffhanger but, as in book 1, there are some issues that aren’t completely solved and some decisions open up a number of possibilities. Apparently, the author has plans for future books beyond this one. I’m happy because Manhattan and Finn totally rock together.

Lori Prince narrated this series and really brings the story to life. Her pace is perfect, specially in the numerous nail-biting action scenes but also in the more intimate ones. As usual, her voices for the different characters are distinct, and, as a plus for me personally, she uses for Finn her dreamy “Thayer voice” (after Thayer Reynolds in the Curtis and Reynolds series by Carolyn Elizabeth). If you are looking for a fast-paced action thriller with endearing characters, then this one is for you. 4.5 stars.

Book 1 length: 9 hrs and 40 mins

Book 2 length: 9 hrs and 38 mins

Available in Scribd

Manhattan Sloane Thriller series by Stacy Lynn Miller.     Manhattan Sloane Thriller series by Stacy Lynn Miller


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