Raven, sand and sun by Nita Round
Raven, sand and sun by Nita Round

Raven, sand and sun by Nita Round

This was another really entertaining book by Round

This is the second book in her ‘Touch of Truth’ Series. This series would best be described as steampunk-fantasy. While I did enjoy the first book a tad more, this was still a really good second offering and I’m totally hooked on this series. If you are interested, I highly recommend reading book 1, ‘Raven, Fire and Ice’ first. While each book is complete there is a main storyline that runs through all the books.


Lucinda, a powerful witch, Magda, an airship captain, and Ascara, an Amazon warrior, are all back again to try to defeat the Mistress of the Knight. This time they must travel the desert and fight her in her own territory. Can they stop her once and for all?

While I love the steampunk vibe and the setting of pyramids and the desert, what I really enjoyed about this book was the characters. After two books I have really grown to care about them. What was also great about this book was it answered a lot of questions about Magda and Ascara. Some of the mysteries of who they really are, are finally starting to unravel. We actually find out big secrets about both characters and it makes me really excited for what is to come in future books.

I do need to mention these books don’t have a romance. But, all three women are really connected and have feelings for each other. We don’t see a lot of poly relationships in lesfic, and I don’t know how far Round will take this, but I really like these three women together. They all balance each other perfectly and make a great and believable connection. I would love to see them make a romantic relationship work.

If you are a fantasy or steampunk fan, I would recommend these books. This series has plenty of entertainment and is fun to read. It’s also different, which I really appreciate. Round has a really good imagination and I can’t wait to see where this series goes next. 4.25 Stars.

An ARC was given to me for an honest review.

Raven sand and sun by Nita RoundRaven sand and sun by Nita Round     Raven sand and sun by Nita RoundRaven sand and sun by Nita Round

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