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Recommended lesbian books for December 2019

It’s December, that wonderful time of the year, and here is a list of this month’s recommended books to enjoy during the holidays. We have a good variety of categories, plus Christmas audiobooks, a classic, and a last year’s book.

We wish you a great 2020, hopefully, full of lesbian books and audiobooks!

Recommended new releases:

Traditional romance:

Big girl pill’ by KD Williamson

This was another good read by Williamson. I’m a fan of hers, in fact, I’ve rated all but one of her books at least 4 stars. And considering how picky I can be, it … See Lex’s full review 

Hot Ice‘ by Aurora Rey, Elle Spencer, & Erin Zak

‘Hot ice’ is a compilation of three lesbian novellas by Bold Strokes Books authors Aurora Rey, Erin Zak and Elle Spencer, all romances with an ice-queen protagonist… See Gaby’s full review

Medical Romance:

Thursday Afternoons‘ by Tracey Richardson

This read came at the perfect time to cheer my spirits up and was exactly what I needed. Richardson has been writing lesfic for over 20 years, she knows what she’s doing and it’s… See Lex’s full review 

Christmas Romance:

Tinsel‘ by Kris Bryant

I’m normally not a big fan of holiday-themed stories (or cats!), but this short story was exactly what I needed.  Told in… See Bethany’s full review


Grave Decisions‘ (Detective Sophie Whitton #2) by Claire Highton-Stevenson

After Anita Simmons’s body was found on top of a grave, DI Sophie Whitton and her team are commissioned to solve the case. As more and more similar cases are discovered, the picture is clear, there is… See Sandra’s full review


Grimmer Intentions’ by Jodi Hutchins

This was a lot of fun. I’m really enjoying this series. This is the second book in the ‘Tales from the Grim’ series and both have been a pleasure to read. While I would put the… See Lex’s full review 


Other Girls’ by Avery Brooks

There are a few types of romance I just love with fauxmances and enemies to lovers being right at the top of that list. These two different kinds are… See Lex’s full review 

Last year’s book that you should read:

Language of Love’ by Astrid Ohletz & Lee Winter (Editors)

‘Language of love. A flirty, festive anthology’ is a collection of eleven lesfic short stories with the common theme of holiday season traditions around the world. Ylva is a very international and multicultural publishing company and this is… See Gaby’s full review

Classic lesbian book of the month:

Snow Globe‘ by Georgia Beers

This is a fantastic Christmas story full of all the required ingredients: romance, friendship, fun, a little bit of drama and love. Written in first person in the present from the point of view of Mackenzie, it feels like a… See Gaby’s full review


Chasing a brighter blue‘ by Gerri Hill, narrated by Nicol Zanzarella

‘Chasing a brighter blue’ summarises the strongest points in Ms. Hill’s writing: intense emotions, hot chemistry, powerful romance and love of nature. Both main characters are… See Gaby’s full review

lesbian audiobooks of christmas

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