Review of 'A touch of temptation' by Julie Blair.

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Review of ‘A touch of temptation’ by Julie Blair.

This is the first book by Julie Blair that I’ve read and unfortunately, it didn’t work for me. The book is properly entered into the category of erotica and romance by the publisher and I understand that it’s hard to blend both genres seamlessly within a story. The evolution of the main characters in the story from sexual experimentation to romantic love just didn’t work for me and it seemed at moments a bit forced. It doesn’t help that the characters were mostly presented as either good or bad and not multilayered or rich in human contradictions. The stereotypes don’t stop there as they fill the book in the form of butch or femme, top or bottom, dominant or submisive.


Overall the book is well edited so, if you are into erotica with a bit of a plot, it is a recommended read. If you are looking for a sizzling hot romance with a good background story, then you might be disappointed. 3 stars.

I’ve received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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