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Blissfully blindsided by Robin Alexander

A blissful read.

Review of ‘Blissfully Blindsided’ by Robin Alexander.


Well, this was just another funny and delightful read by Robin Alexander!

Caleigh Breaux has just relocated to her grandparent’s town in Southern Louisiana after taking a job at a local company. After her previous job required constant travel and made a relationship impossible, she is ready to put down roots and find someone special. She meets Blaze Sonnier literally on her way to town as her car gets a flat tire and Blaze stops to help. There is some immediate chemistry but they part ways with no plans to see each other. What follows is a funny story about love, family, the town, and making amends…with some romance in there too.

Blaze’s character is by far my favorite. She is, how can I say this, misunderstood. Her life seems to be a constant stream of hilarious events that have been twisted and blown out of proportion by the townspeople. Caleigh is also a likable character with her own silly situations. Likewise, Blaze’s sister going through menopause was both comical and scary.

The story does not have much serious conflict other than Blaze’s estranged mother returning to town after abandoning her daughters when they were very young. Even that topic is managed with the usual Alexander’s humor. I have to say, it was well done and made me even like that character when otherwise I would be quick to dismiss it. The relationship part was very straightforward, not that I find that to be a problem as they were a sweet couple.

Overall a relaxing and funny read that will entertain every lesfic fan out there. 4 stars

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