Review of ‘Gallows Humor’ by Carolyn Elizabeth.

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Review of ‘Gallows Humor’ by Carolyn Elizabeth.

Oh yes, this was right up my alley! Corey Curtis is a forensic anthropologist working at Jackson City Memorial Hospital’s morgue. She performs autopsies and helps train residents which is when she first lays eyes on Dr. Thayer Reynolds. Thayer is starting her Emergency Department fellowship when she wonders to the morgue to check out the mysterious Curtis. The attraction is immediate, but before they can act on it, Corey finds herself in the midst of investigating the cause of death of one of her autopsies as there is not enough evidence for the police to take the case on as a homicide. Her investigation makes her and Thayer face dire events and consequences that put their lives and budding romance at risk.


The initial interactions between the main characters were funny and well written. One could feel the spark right away. Both main characters are strong women with no horrible past to keep them from acknowledging their feelings, thank you! Sometimes it seems all characters in lesfic have something to overcome or keep them from acting in a rational manner towards a new, fantastic experience. I found it refreshing, although wondered where the story would go then. However, have no fear, the author manages conflict in other wonderful ways!

This book has so many great elements. There is a first-responder feel to the story even though Corey is a morgue employee. There are definitely medical themes throughout the book, and I’ll be honest, I absolutely loved them. The author gets a chance to shine through her expertise in forensic anthropology, which is terrific as it gives instant credibility to her work. There is also some action, a gym, and let’s not forget that the characters’ connection is great too! The secondary characters are well done and in particular, I enjoyed the police officer, Collier. His banter with Corey was very entertaining and no doubt added depth to the story. On the downside, the mystery is straightforward and not meant to be the main focus of the book. This may disappoint some avid mystery readers.

This is Ms Elizabeth’s debut novel. I can’t help but be excited for her future work and hope she turns this story into a series.

Overall a great read that will appeal to science/medical and romance fans alike. 4.5 stars

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