Review of ‘Going down’ by Barbara Bell.

After a quick hookup with her boss Casey at their work’s Christmas party, Ellie tries her best to avoid her gorgeous manager. But that is about to change when they both get trapped inside an elevator for hours and have to face their feelings for each other…

This is a hot and entertaining erotica novella part of the ‘Dirty Bits’ collection by Carina Press. Written in third person from the point of view of Ellie, the reader is stuck in her headspace with her funny, sarcastic and insecure personality. It also provides an air of mystery surrounding Cassie that suits the character’s personality and her position as Ellie’s boss.

The novella starts in the present as the elevator gets stuck and both mains are trapped inside. There are a few flashbacks from the Christmas party in which Ellie and Cassie had a bit of action in a toilet stall. The transitions between present and past are seamless and gradually give background to the story.

The sex scenes are very well written and have all the ingredients for a great erotica read: steamy and varied. They showcase the characters’ personalities and their budding relationship. Worth a read for erotica fans.

Overall, a well written, entertaining and hot erotica novella. 4.5 stars.

ARC provided by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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