Undercover Love by Annette Mori
Undercover Love by Annette Mori

Undercover Love by Annette Mori

A thrilling action and romantic story

I love thrillers, and Annette Mori delivers an action-packed story with twists and turns. Undercover Love is book one in the San Diego series.


Undercover agent Em(ma) Schmidt and Border Patrol agent Jimena Aguilar meet again in an unusual and dangerous situation after fifteen years apart. In order to eliminate a neo-Nazi terrorist cell – to which Em has personal connections – they have to team up whether they like it or not, with the purpose to dismantle a planned attack on the governor. A very dangerous mission that requires some tricks and risky maneuvers to succeed, and probably would only work out with the help of a secret group.

Em and Jimena have a common past from their youth and school days, when they were best friends, then became a couple and promised each other eternal love. But when Em suddenly disappeared from one day to the next, their love story ended abruptly. However, they never forgot each other. Is there a second chance for the two of them? Why had Em run off like that without saying a word? Can Jimena forgive her? These are some questions that the two of them have to address if they survive their assignment against the terrorists.

The plot is thrilling with a few surprises, tricky situations, and lots of suspense. With a secret organization full of badass women and men, an additional group comes into play that would make you uncomfortable in real life, but in a fictional story, as long as they are on the right side, is a good and effective force, and even entertaining with all their gadgets. A gripping story that addresses some important issues like xenophobia (Jimena comes from a Mexican family) and terrorism, but also friendship, family and romantic love, cohesion, and cooperation beyond the boundaries of the individual agencies.

What I liked a lot, besides the action scenes, is that the protagonists are tough but realistic and, despite all the hardship and vicious actions they have experienced, haven’t lost their humanity. They care and worry, help each other, and they are there as friends when you need them. I loved all the characters who fought together to bring down the terrorist cell.

There is also romance in the story. Em and Jimena are two wonderful women who I liked from the first moment. They have a common past that is peppered with many beautiful moments full of love, but also, especially for Em, many difficult and painful ones. The short flashbacks show us what a wonderful friendship the two had and how it became more. They help us understand them better as people and what effect family relationships can have on someone’s personality – positive or negative. Both show character, vulnerability, and strength, but can also forgive and fight for their goals. It’s nice to see the old bond and love for each other resurfacing.

I’m already looking forward to the continuation of the trilogy, I’m excited to see what else this troupe of protagonists will experience. 4.5 stars

Undercover Love by Annette MoriUndercover Love by Annette Mori

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