A nice, sweet winter read in audiobook

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A nice, sweet winter read in audiobook

Review of ‘One Walk in Winter’ by Georgia Beers,

Audiobook narrated by Lori Prince

Hayley Boyd Markham is the spoiled younger daughter of a resort magnate. As part of teaching her a lesson, Hayley’s father sends her to his failing resort, Evergreen Resort and Spa, as the manager for the winter season. When she arrives in town, she meets this charming woman and her dog on a walk. They exchange numbers only to realize on her first day at work that the woman is Olivia Santini, the assistant manager. Olivia was born and raised in the town and loves her job, which has been the acting manager for the past few years as there was an incompetent manager before Hayley. She deserves the manager’s job and has all these ideas to make the resort profitable, but no one has been paying attention to her. The attraction grows but can it overcome the job and lies by omission?


This was indeed a nice, sweet winter read, or listen in my case. It was the predictable story of one main hiding their identity, and the reader can see the clash coming, but it was very enjoyable nonetheless. Ms. Beers was great on the humor and all the little awkward moments. Lori Prince did very well bringing those voices to life. I believe this was my first time listening to Ms. Prince, and I look forward to more of her performances. All her voices were likable and the pace of the narration was on point.

I suppose this was also an enemies-to-lovers romance, but more on the tame side. There was some discord but Olivia was such a nice person, the animosity did not last long. The chemistry between the mains was good and started on that first chance meeting in the trail. I really liked the idea of that event, as they met without any prejudice and had that first attraction to drive the rest of the story.

The secondary characters were lacking for the most part, with no one really shining on their own. The only one that did was perhaps Hayley’s father. He had a small but important part and I did like the development he endured. I was not sure why the story shifted briefly to him, but I was glad, and the author brought him back into the main story flawlessly.

Overall, another Georgia Beers hit. 4.25 stars

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