I love seeing more variety in WLW fiction

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I love seeing more variety in WLW fiction

Review of ‘Come to My Door’ by Lexa Luthor

This was better than the first book. I love when a sequel is better than the original because it gives me hope that the whole series is going to be really good. And considering that this was Luthor’s debut series, well that just makes it even more impressive. While this is a great mix of action, sci-fi, and steamy romance, I do have to put a warning on this series. It contains content that won’t be for everyone and I wouldn’t want someone upset not realizing what they were getting. This series is f/f Omegaverse and contains G!p content. I hate this term but what it actually means is “girl penis”. If you are not familiar with these terms and need more info in deciding if this series is for you, Luthor has a great write-up on her site.


I’m taking a mini-break away from ARCs and I’m going to read some books that were published this year that I either missed or didn’t have time for. This is my little catch-up and I’m only going to be reading books that are super high on my to-read list. Luthor was near the top of my list since she really caught my attention with this series. I love that she’s writing something different. While these books are not going to be for everyone, I love seeing more variety in WLW fiction. I want us to have as many choices as mainstream readers do, and having books that are different -and may even be a bit controversial- is all part of having that equality I hope for. And just to make clear, I don’t just like this series because it’s different, I like it because Luthor is a damn good writer.

This book picks up right where the first ended. Luthor loves to drive us nuts with cliffhangers and the cliffy at the end of book 1 was a doozy. It practically kept playing in my mind for the last 6 months yelling and me to read book 2. This book also ended on a cliffy -it’s a theme for this series- but luckily it’s not a hair-pulling one. It’s more of the kind that makes you excited to read the next story. I feel lucky as still a moderately new fan to Luthor since there are four books in this series -with book 5 to come out very soon- and two short/novellas, so I still have plenty left to read before I get all caught up.

I haven’t been talking about any specifics since I don’t want to ruin anything for new readers because of the cliffhangers and built-in suspense. But I do want to mention some of the broad themes. While these books include some of the steamiest sex scenes I have read this year, this series is much more than that. It is really interesting sci-fi in a well-built world. The sci-fi reads very nicely and not too techie, so even readers who are not big sci-fi fans could still enjoy this. There is a great mix of action, that forces us readers to keep turning the pages, and the characters are easy to root for. This series has the perfect amount of sex and plot, so that the whole story flows really well. I’m a big fan of steamy-romances and this has easily been one of the best of 2020.

This is an easy book to recommend to fans of steamy romances and action/sci-fi books. As long as you feel comfortable reading G!P content, this is a series you won’t want to miss. Because this is a continuing series with cliffhangers you most certainly should start at book 1, ‘Dancing in the Darkness,’ first. After just two books, I’m completely hooked on this series and I can’t wait to see what happens next. 4.50 Stars.

WLW fictionWLW fiction

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