A fun young adult lesbian erotica audiobook

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young adult lesbian erotica audiobook

A fun young adult lesbian erotica audiobook

Review of ‘Cute Socks: A Shy Girl and Her Best Friend Have Naked Fun While Home Alone’ by Cammie Conte, Audiobook narrated by Mia Sloane

This was a fun young adult lesbian erotica audiobook. I normally don’t go for these types of audiobooks but it was recommended by some of my co-reviewers, so I decided to give it a go. ‘Cute socks’ does exactly what it says on the tin: a shy girl and her best friend have naked fun while home alone. Short and sweet but also hot.


Judy is a reserved young girl who is left home alone for a week. Feeling bored, she has a fun time being completely naked except for wearing socks. When her best friend comes to visit her, they both find out that an apparently silly game can take them to erotic and sensual places…

‘Cute Socks’ has a young adult, even a bit silly feel. It’s kind of a sexual come of age for a young woman brought up in a conservative family. Don’t expect mature attitudes, deep feelings or even serious conversations. This is just fun, light and hot. My only criticism is that both characters are called with very similar names: Judy and Julia but it wasn’t a problem in the audiobook as their voices are distinctive. It might be an issue in the written version.

This is my first read/listen by Cammie Conte but it seems that naked exhibitionism is a recurring theme in her novels. While I wouldn’t fill my bookcase with these books, in this case, it works well along with the come of age trope of opening to new experiences and self-discovery. The audiobook was narrated by Mia Sloane whose youthful voice is perfect for this story, she sets the narrative tone perfectly. Her performance of the characters’ voices and the sensual scenes is spot-on. If you like young adult lesbian erotica, this might be for you. Duration just over 2 hours. 4 stars.


young adult lesbian erotica audiobookyoung adult lesbian erotica audiobook young adult lesbian erotica audiobookyoung adult lesbian erotica audiobook

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