I'm enjoying the audiobooks by Lori Prince more and more

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audiobooks by lori prince

I’m enjoying the audiobooks by Lori Prince more and more

Review of ‘Gallows Humor’ by Carolyn Elizabeth, audiobook narrated by Lori Prince

I’ve read this book quite recently and, as I said then, after reading the blurb and seeing the cover, I was expecting a murder mystery with some banter at the side. What I’ve found is a highly entertaining page-turner with a surprisingly significant romance plot and a number of very well-written characters. As now the audiobook version is out, I jumped at the opportunity to listen to it.


Corey Curtis works in the morgue at Jackson City Memorial Hospital, her life is uncomplicated with occasional relationships until she meets Dr. Thayer Reynolds, an Emergency Department fellow who is as beautiful as fun. As both women start to explore a potential relationship, a dead body in the morgue with a suspicious cause of death makes Corey investigate, endangering both their lives and their chance at a relationship.

This is book one of the ‘Curtis and Reynolds’ series by this author and it’s such a great read. It balances action, mystery, and romance with ease. I love that both leads are realistic, flawed, and their chemistry is strong but not forced. While this novel solves the main conflict, it leaves some space for further relationship development between the mains and drops a hint of what is coming in the next installment.

Lately, I’ve listened to a few audiobooks by Lori Prince and I have to say that I’m enjoying her narrations more and more. Somehow, I had Ms. Prince pigeonholed into the ‘light and fluffy’ category but, even though it’s true that she favors a light narrative tone, she can really interpret emotional parts outstandingly.

‘Gallows Humor’ has different performance challenges as it has banter, romance, mystery, action, and a few very emotional moments. An additional challenge lies in the medical injuries that one of the characters has to endure which Ms. Prince performed like the pro she is.

Ms. Prince provides another narrative layer to this story making it much better and more enjoyable than before. I can’t wait to listen to the sequel, ‘Dirt Nap’, also narrated by this voice artist. Overall, 5 stars.

Available on Scribd

Duration: 6 hrs and 48 mins

audiobooks by Lori Princeaudiobooks by Lori Prince


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