The Curtis and Reynolds series by Carolyn Elizabeth is great
Curtis and Reynolds series by Carolyn Elizabeth

The Curtis and Reynolds series by Carolyn Elizabeth is great

Review of ‘Dirt Nap’ by Carolyn Elizabeth, Audiobook narrated by Lori Prince

‘Dirt Nap’ is book two of the Curtis and Reynolds series by Carolyn Elizabeth and picks up with the story right after book one, ‘Gallows Humor’, left. Even though it’s ok to read this as a standalone, you’d miss quite a bit of the background story between the two main characters Corey and Thayer. Besides, the first book is so good that you don’t want to skip it either.


Corey Curtis works in the morgue at Jackson City Memorial Hospital and her girlfriend Dr. Thayer Reynolds is a fellow of the Emergency Department. They are both recovering from the physical and mental consequences of having solved a murder investigation when Corey is asked to help in trying to identify a highly decomposed body. At the same time, Thayer is dealing with a stressful situation at her workplace. Now that their relationship is getting serious, both women will have to face their own issues if they want it to develop further but complications and dangers get in the way to their happily ever after…

I’ve listened to this audiobook almost right after I’ve finished ‘Gallows Humor‘. Sometimes it’s tricky to keep the same level of interest in a sequel as both characters are already in an established relationship, but I have to say that ‘Dirt Nap’ manages to keep the reader’s attention in both the romance and the mystery parts. Both characters are so well-written that it’s impossible not to like them, Corey is impulsive but extremely loyal and Thayer is sweet but strong-minded. Both leads complement each other well, their chemistry is sizzling, and their banter is really fun.

The mystery plot is better than in the previous book, it’s interesting to see the work inside a morgue (though a bit gory) and how far it is from its glamour depiction by some tv shows. I’m far from an expert in these issues but they seemed very realistic to me. But the best thing about this novel is how the author manages to balance romance, mystery with a good dose of humour to make it a really entertaining and page-turner read.

The audiobook is narrated by Lori Prince who also narrated ‘Gallows Humor’. The combination of Carolyn Elizabeth and Lori Prince is a great match, Ms. Prince got the perfect tone for this series which has a bit of everything: chemistry-filled romance, intriguing mystery, fast-paced action, and great secondary characters. Equally, as in the first audiobook, I was pleasantly surprised by the level of emotional delivery that this narrator could present. It’s a bonus that Ms. Prince makes Thayer sound as sexy as I imagined.

Overall, a very good sequel to this lesbian mystery/romance series. I cannot wait for audiobook three. 5 stars.

Available on Scribd.

Length: 6 hours, 42 minutes.

Curtis and Reynolds series by Carolyn ElizabethCurtis and Reynolds series by Carolyn Elizabeth


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