No Good Reason to not read this lesbian crime book

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Lesbian Crime Book

No Good Reason to not read this lesbian crime book

Lesbian Crime Book Review of ‘No Good Reason’ by Cari Hunter



Why didn’t anyone recommend this book to me? 😉 Ok, ok, several people did. I was too darn stubborn and wanted to save it for a rainy day. I may have to dive into the three and a half (there is a short story too) lesbian crime book series right away.

This is the story of Sanne Jensen, a British detective that stumbles upon a kidnapping victim, sending her department into a manhunt. The manhunt turns frantic as another victim is discovered. In the meantime, Sanne’s longtime friend, Dr. Meg Fielding helps her try to keep some sanity through the case while trying to figure out the state of their relationship.

Can the detectives beat the clock and save the other victim before it is too late?

The crime was well done but I will warn readers, it was stressful to read about. The author shined at keeping the urgency and grief at the forefront throughout the entire story. There were a couple of twists as well. The first one making me gasp with the implication of it. I had to put my reader down and regroup before continuing to read. That is brilliant writing. There was just desperation and deep sadness on my part for these victims and a need to yell at the detectives to hurry up. The clues were there and the events fit well at the end. It was no doubt an exciting read.

All the characters are well done as well as the setting description (especially where the initial action takes place). It brings the story to life with great layers and intricacies. For the romance fans out there (me, me!), the book does have some but definitely not the main focus. However, Ms. Hunter’s writing comes through and gives us great intimacy without the mains even being in a romantic relationship per se. I will root for this relationship in the upcoming books!

This was a phenomenal book. Yep, no beating around the bush on this one. It will keep action readers engaged but also, Ms. Hunter’s writing is so smooth and tender that no doubt will also keep the romance fans pleased. An easy 5 stars for me.


lesbian crime booklesbian crime book

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