Another hit by Ms. Spencer for all lesbian romance fans

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Another hit by Ms. Spencer for all lesbian romance fans

Review of ‘30 Dates in 30 Days’ by Elle Spencer

Veronica Welch is about to become a partner in the prestigious law firm she has worked for the past few years. About to turn thirty-five and with her career on track, she’s pushed into finding ‘the one’. Her assistant signs Veronica up for 30 dates in 30 days through an app and arranges for the dates to meet at the bar next door. Rachel Monaghan is a wedding photographer helping her cousin with bartending duties during a family emergency. The sparks are immediate but Rachel has sworn off serious relationships after her last heartbreak. Can she get past her insecurities before Veronica slips away?


I was looking forward to this novel and it did not disappoint. Ms. Spencer just gets to me every time. She simply has the ability to create great chemistry between the main characters. One just has to root for them! This was a slow burn romance…with some fast parts! What a tease at times! This story was not as angsty as ‘The Road to Madison’ and will likely appeal to more romance readers out there. This is a pretty straightforward romance but for the most part, it had a good pace, and did I mention chemistry?

The novel is filled with witty dialog and funny situations. The dates, the parents, the cousins. For those of you concerned about a strict format with the 30 dates, the title is a little misleading. Do not worry about having to read through 30 dates since the author did a great job managing the flow of the dates. The bar next door with its occupants was charming and became a fantastic setting for the story.

The secondary characters were endearing and all over the novel as well. Even the parents were a welcome sight (that means a lot coming from me!). They all provided a solid presence to move the story along with levity and humor. I will be looking for the audiobook as I think it has great potential with all these cute characters.

Overall, another hit by Ms. Spencer that will appeal to all lesbian romance fans out there. 4.5 stars

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