The angsty road to Madison.

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The road to Madison by Elle Spencer

The angsty road to Madison.

Review of ‘The road to Madison’ by Elle Spencer.

This is a second chance story with angst. But, aren’t all second chance stories ‘angsty’?


Madison Prescott is the only heir to a multimillion dollar company and estate. Raised by her conservative father, her path in life has been predetermined by her last name. This is derailed by Madison’s relationship with the maid’s daughter, Ana Perez when they were both kids. Now in their 30s, 15 yrs after Madison proposed then abandoned Ana, her father died. Can Madison pursue the love of her life once again, or are the wounds she created too deep for Ana’s heart to overcome?

This tale of lesbian love, no doubt, does contain some dramatic moments. The narration alternates between the present and the past, the latter providing the backdrop to the present feelings. The memories served to enhance the story and did not distract nor confused me from the current storyline as some other authors have done in the past. Ms. Spencer kept these memories short and the story flow benefited as a result.

As raw as the emotions are in the present for the obvious loss of what they could have had, the flashbacks serve to cement the relationship as one that could have thrived in years to come. I would normally question teenagers being a viable long term couple, but Madison and Ana seem real and strong. The details about their sweet words and gestures sure fueled the romantic in me. Their chemistry was undeniable and is what made this book worth reading. As I told a good friend, I managed to read this one in a relatively short period of time and while working long hours. That is the ultimate proof of how I was engaged and needed to see these two gals find each other again.

The drawback in this story is a couple of events that seemed a little too far fetched and dramatic. However, just like the flashbacks, the author moved past these quickly and before I could start rolling my eyes the story moved forward and onto safer grounds. If you do not like drama and angst, pass this one up.

A quick shoutout to Tammy Seidick, designer of yet another fabulous cover. Clean, sharp and with that wonderful red dress, this cover caught my attention ever since I first saw it.

Overall a good second chance romance with angst. 3.5 stars.

ARC generously provided to me by BSB via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


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