Another great lesbian romance audiobook by Jae & Angela Dawe
lesbian romance audiobook

Another great lesbian romance audiobook by Jae & Angela Dawe

Review of ‘Not the Marrying Kind’ by Jae,

Audiobook narrated by Angela Dawe.

This is the second novel in the ‘Fair Oaks’ universe. The first one, ‘Perfect Rhythm’, I enjoyed greatly. I was a little worried as one of the main characters in this novel was not very likable in the previous installment, but this was not a concern in this book.


Ashley Gaines is Fair Oaks’ only florist. She is also a closeted lesbian content with her life, or so she believes. Sasha Peterson is the town’s bakery owner. She’s put her love life on hold not because she doesn’t want to come out, but simply because no one has come along in a long time. As the first lesbian wedding the town has seen comes to fruition, the baker and florist have to come together to work on a design. Ash and Sasha realize there is more than just a simple attraction in between them, but can Ash leave the closet for Sasha?

This book was another great story by Jae. I’m not sure I would have seen this story through if another less talented author was behind it. It was at times difficult to listen to a grown woman be so paranoid and so secretive about her sexuality. Excuse after excuse on how to cover up actions and situations that could give her up as a lesbian. Jae balanced those enough while developing the mains’ relationship to keep me engaged and get my support for Ash.

The book is predictable in the sense of how the characters act and in the end result, but I felt the resolution was credible and satisfactory. Ash’s reasons to remain in the closet included her business and livelihood, so most definitely something to consider. At times her situation felt suffocating, and the ‘why don’t you move someplace else?’ crossed my mind more than once. The mains’ chemistry was good and Sasha was a sweetheart, with Ash being less likable but likable nonetheless.

This lesbian romance audiobook is available through Scribd. Narrated by one of my favorite narrators, Angela Dawe did another great job. I will confess that I did have to get used to Sasha’s voice as it wasn’t as deep as I expected for someone around 6 feet tall. Maybe at the end that contributed to her overall sweetness and likability. The narration was on point and brought the book to life nicely.

Overall another good installment to the ‘Fair Oaks’ series that will not disappoint Jae’s fans. 4stars

lesbian romance audiobooklesbian romance audiobook        lesbian romance audiobooklesbian romance audiobook


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