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emoji lesbian books quiz

Emoji Lesbian Books Quiz

Emoji Lesbian Books Quiz Guess the book title described by the emojis, you can check the results by clicking under each one. Enjoy! Other Quizzes: Test your Lesfic Knowledge Quiz Lesbian Books Reader Personality Quiz Answer ‘Fire & Ice’ by Rachel Spangler Answer ‘London Calling’ by Clare Lydon Answer ‘Paper Love’ by Jae Answer ‘Shield …

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Review of ‘First position’ by Melissa Brayden.

Wow… another Melissa Brayden’s masterpiece. She’s by far my favourite lesbian romance author… and by far I mean miles away from the rest. Ok, now that we’ve got established my not-so -subtle partiality, I have to add that this book is one of my favourites from this author along with ‘Kiss the girl’. For me …

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Sangria is an alcoholic drink of Spanish origin based on red wine and fruit. It’s a sweet  and refreshing beverage for ideal for sunshine days and hot weather. In ‘Love all’ by Rachel Spangler, Sadie and Jay enjoy together a sangria and paella while tennis star Jay was touring in Spain. Will they find love …

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second chance lesbian novel

Not so much a second chance lesbian novel but a story of redemption

Review of ‘Flavor of the Month’ by Georgia Beers Reading about food makes me hungry. I’m naturally often hungry so it makes me even hungrier (even while writing this). I can’t even begin to explain how ravenous this story made me. It also made me happy and sad and all mushy inside. Charlie and Emma …

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