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recommended lesbian books

Recommended lesbian books for August 2021

Here are some recommended lesbian books for August 2021. As usual, we have new releases, audiobooks, and a 2020 book you should read.


Recommended new releases


Shaken or Stirred by Georgia Beers

Julia Martini is determined to transform the old family bar, Martini’s, into a thriving establishment. She’s too focused on her business to date anyone. Savannah McNally is a caretaker by profession and since her mother… See Gaby’s review

recommended lesbian books

The Commitment by Virginia Hale

I always enjoy Hale’s writing and this was no exception. This book grabs you and doesn’t want to let you go. If anything, I wish it would have been longer. I was involved with these characters and I wanted to… See Lex’s review

recommended lesbian books

Chemistry Lessons by Jae

Regan and Kylie have been best friends since kindergarten and while everyone insists that they’d be the perfect couple, they maintain that they have no chemistry. Regan should know about it as she’s a… See Gaby’s review

recommended lesbian books

The Headmistress by Milena McKay

Sam Threadneedle literally grew up at Three Dragons Academy, on Dragons Island in Massachusetts, and at almost thirty, is now the Math Chair. And although she should be focusing on the trouble brewing at her beloved school, she can’t get the… See Jude’s review 

recommended lesbian books

Calumet by Ali Vali

Hats off to Ali Vali for changing up what I thought was going to be just another second chance romance and turning this into a study in forgiveness. The blurb led me to assumptions which Vali… See Elaine’s review

recommended lesbian books

Action/Adventure Romance

The Island Between Us by Wendy Hudson

Georgia Hamilton is a survival expert running a course on an inhabited island in Scotland. Kelsey Campbell is a famous actress living in LA. Tired of the limelight, she signs up for a two-week survival course, wanting to… See Gaby’s review

recommended lesbian books

Romantic Thriller

Ignis by KJ

Felicity Davis, the principal of Rawson Girls Grammar School, is an award-winning educator fully dedicated to her job and satisfied with her life. But her traumatic past is coming back to… See Gaby’s review

recommended lesbian books

Debut / Medical Romance

The Fifth Surgeon by Faith Prize

Nadia Keating is a cardiothoracic fellow with incredible potential to make a breakthrough in her specialty but with a huge God complex. Focused on exploring her attraction to women, she… See Gaby’s review

recommended lesbian books

Debut / Fantasy Romance

Guardian by Jen Lawrence

This book is about a magical being, riding on her Pegasus, waiting for her soul mate to appear. The problem is her soul mate doesn’t want to be bonded and would rather pretend to be a human, while happily being engaged to one. I think you can imagine the amount of… See Lex’s review

recommended lesbian books

Paranormal / Horror Romance

Dead Lez Walking by G. Benson

Taren Makumbe and her friend Xin are clinical nurses stationed in the Emergency Room and are accustomed to wild, gruesome scenes. That’s the nature of the ED/A&E. But when a virulent infection enters their… See Jules’s review

recommended lesbian books

YA / Sports

Like Other Girls by Britta Lundin

I loved the rollercoaster of emotions you go through as a reader. Not only was this the kind of YA read that I love, but this was also a sportsbook! I love a good sports read and this book had more… See Lex’s review

recommended lesbian books

Last year’s book that you should read:

Spindrift by Anna Burke

Emilia Russo is a former shelter veterinarian recovering from a mental breakdown after the pressures of her job, the unexpected death of her father, and an ensuing breakup. When she goes to… See Gaby’s review

recommended lesbian books


Finding Jessica Lambert by Clare Ashton, narrated by Gabrielle Baker

Jessica Lambert is a famous movie star who is burnt out from overwork and the pressure of fame. When running away in the midst of a panic attack, she is taken in by the enigmatic and more mature Anna, who lives a… See Gaby’s review

recommended lesbian books

The Cushing-Nevada Chronicles series by Georgete Kaplan, audiobooks narrated by Abby Craden

The story follows the adventures of archaeologist Dr. Candice Cushing and maverick treasure hunter Easy Nevada. They are both interested in digging the secrets of…
See Gaby’s review

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