Review of ‘Heart Stop’ by Radclyffe

This book is number 6 in the ‘First Responders’ series but it is also a continuation of the ‘Justice series’. The reader can catch up with some of the most iconic characters of that series (Frye, Dell, Sandy, Sloan, among others) along with Ali Torveau and Beau Cross of ‘First Responders’ # 1 ‘Trauma alert’. Despite the “old” characters, ‘Heart Stop’ can be read as a stand alone book. However, this book is so much than that as it introduces the reader to the lives of Dr Jay Reynolds, a former surgeon who had to switch her career to Medical examiner as a result of an accident, and her boss, Assistant Chief Medical Examiner Olivia Price. The plot follows their attraction and budding romance together with the investigation of a dangerous war between two crime organisations. Radclyffe balances the thriller and romance elements of the plot with her usual expertise and keeps the reader on the edge until the end that promises more contributions of Rebecca Frye’s team.

My only criticism is that the book blurb doesn’t describe the mystery/action aspect of the plot (though the cover gives a hint). The publisher only categorises it as a contemporary romance.

Overall, a very good mystery and romance read. 4.5 stars

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Review of ‘Secret hearts’ by Radclyffe

This book is 100% typical Radclyffe romance, it delivers exactly what it says on the tin: poignant story, sweet romance, great characters chemistry and hot sex scenes. Radclyffe knows how to pen a good lesbian romance (after all, this is number 14 in the series) and the reader gets an enjoyable experience. Like in many of the previous books in the series, the main characters have a secret in their pasts that threaten their budding relationship but eventually find the strength in their love to overcome their conflicts. Nothing new under the sun but highly effective.
Overall, a very enjoyable read. 4 stars.
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Review of ‘Love on call’ by Radclyffe

Love on call is the third book of Radclyffe’s series ‘A Rivers community romance’. Even though this book could be read as a stand alone novel, I strongly recommend that you read the series in chronological order as you’ll get to know the secondary characters and their stories better. It doesn’t hurt that all the books in the series are very enjoyable to read.
Radclyffe is one of the lesbian authors whose books I read without hesitation because they are not only well written but the plots are well developed, the characters multilayered and the love scenes hot, all in a good romance and adventure package. Additionally, in this series she gives an interesting insight to different aspects medical practice in the US thanks to her own experience as a now retired surgeon.
The main characters are typical of Radclyffe. Glenn, the tough, brave ex army medic and Mari, the sweet and resilient physician assistant. There is always an underlying butch-femme dynamic in her romances that the author develops skillfully here. Glenn and Mari have an intense chemistry that keeps the reader looking for a happy ending. As usual, Radclyffe delivers. Highly recommended.

ARC provided by Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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Review of ‘The color of love’ by Radclyffe.

I have read most of Radclyffe’s books and I always look forward to her stories. I admit that after reading the blurb I was expecting a different type of story, more in terms of a sham marriage between two women who eventually fall in love. Instead, I found a slow burn romance where the matter of marriage is secondary to the plot and the description of Emily feels more of an American than an immigrant from Singapore. As an immigrant myself, I felt that the character lacked a bit of foreign identity which is a pity because it could have given a more realistic layer to the story.

Despite this initial surprise, I was taken by the chemistry between the main characters. Radclyffe sometimes presents her characters as larger than life (for example, in the Honor series) but in this case she showcases their contradictions, defects and virtues which makes the story believable and very appealing. Some of the secondary characters were a bit stereotypical but they still added material to the plot.

In conclusion, ‘The Color of Love’ is a well written and edited romance that won’t disappoint to Radclyffe readers. Highly recommended. 5 stars.

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Review of ‘Wild shores’ by Radclyffe.

I have read most of Radclyffe books and, despite I like some more than others, I know that they are going to be well written and edited. This is not a minor thing as spelling or grammar mistakes tend to take me out of the story. So in that respect, this book is carefully written. With respect of the story itself, it has all the ingredients that normally Radclyffe adds in her books: multidimensional characters, well developed plot and interesting background information. What I particularly liked about this book is that the characters are likeable and their chemistry works within a plausible story. The secondary characters are well rounded and add more interest to the story. My gut feeling is that Radclyffe might develop some of them further in another book of the series. In short, if you have read other Radclyffe books, this one won’t disappoint and if you haven’t and are interested in lesbian romances with some substance, then this is a good starting point.

Overall, 4 stars.

ARC provided by Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Lesbian action book

One of my favorite lesbian action book series

Lesbian Action Book Review of ‘Oath of Honor’ by Radclyffe


This novel serves as an installment in Radclyffe’s Honor series (book number eight) as well as in her First Responders series (book number three).

Wes Masters is a Navy Captain doctor brought in to fill in the position of Chief of the White House Medical Unit after the previous chief died unexpectedly. Evyn Daniels is a secret service agent assigned to the president’s protection detail. Sparks fly as Evyn is tasked with assessing Wes’ ability to work with the secret service and adopt the unique mentality of being responsible for only one patient’s wellbeing, the president’s. It becomes clear early on Wes’ abrupt arrival is a measure to stabilize the White House Medical Unit, but also to help investigate an internal leak that threatens the president. Can Wes put her feelings aside and carry out her duty?

This was another solid installment by Radclyffe. There is chemistry amongst the characters with medical undertones (where this author excels), action scenes and even a little suspense. The training exercises are fun to read about. There are fanatics that are infuriating and of course, a scary prospect for equality. The romance development is good, although we need to admit this author can definitely offer insta-love in her stories. The intimate scenes though felt a little off (this has been an impression since the first time I read this book). There is simply a mismatch between the bedroom and the out of bedroom chemistry.Read More »